Unibet Casino Free Spins

Slot machines are the core of any traditional physical casino, and players from all around the world are familiar with them. Bright lights, the sound of the machine spinning, and the ever-tempting jackpots are an inseparable part of the experience. For this reason, a huge catalogue of slot games that present the most diverse kind of themes and play modes is one of the main attractions of an online casino.

unibet-casino-free-spins1If a player wants to enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun and win big, slots are their best bet, especially when they include progressive jackpots. It is not surprising then that most casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus. They give new users the chance to play slots games for free and still cash their earnings!

This article introduces the concept of free spins, explains how to use them, and, most importantly, discusses the benefits offered by Unibet on this front.

What Are Free spins?

The concept of free spins is self-explanatory for anyone who has ever had contact with a slot machine or video slot, either in a physical casino or online. They work in the same way as normal spins, with the important difference that a player does not have to pay for them!

Winning while playing with free spins is absolutely possible, as the game treats them in the same fair way as any other bet. To cash out those earnings, however, it is necessary to satisfy a wagering requirement, similar to those that are usually found in the terms and conditions of deposit bonuses.

How to Get Free Spins at an Online Casino

To claim a free spins welcome offer, the only thing a player needs to do is to register a new account. Sometimes, they might also be required to enter a promotional code in the registration form as a step of the process. Once the user has been verified, the free spins are available to be taken!

At this point, it is essential to make a distinction between different free spins bonuses. Some of them are “no deposit” offers, which means every new registered player receives the gift, even if they do not deposit any money in their casino account. However, other kinds of casino free spins promotions require the player to make a minimum deposit beforehand, in the same way, a typical matching bonus works. A very special and hard to find promotional offer consists of “no wager” free spins, which do not demand any additional conditions.

Anyway, whether it is a no deposit free spins deal or not, wagering requirements apply. This means that a player cannot immediately withdraw their winnings obtained with this gift. Most bonuses establish a “rollover” of a certain number of times the earnings derived from the free spins. This means a user must bet an equivalent amount of money before being allowed to cash them out.


Also, not every game supports free spins or counts in the same way towards completing the wagering threshold. If the casino is trying to promote a specific product from one of their software providers, free spins will only be valid for that title or, at most, other related ones from the same developer.

Free Spins at Unibet

Unibet is one of the most popular online casinos at the moment, in part for the generosity of its frequent and diverse bonus offers. The kind of games a player prefers does not matter; it is always guaranteed they will find a promotion that will suit their needs. A good deal works perfectly well for both gamblers and the operator; the former gets a head start and some extra money to have fun with, while the latter increases its userbase.

Casino bonuses are among the strongest points of Unibet. Welcome offers including a high deposit matching deal are the norm, and other alternatives like cash backs are not uncommon either. However, free spins are not usually available as part of a welcome package on the site. In any case, the amount of extra casino money a new registered user can get at Unibet definitely makes up for this shortcoming. It is not unlikely this casino will add new exciting offers that might include free spins.

Another way to obtain this benefit at Unibet is to play slots with bonus rounds. These special events take place during the game, when a “scatter” symbol shows up either by itself or in combination with other elements on the screen. Usually, as part of these bonus rounds, players get a limited amount of free spins to continue playing the game and boosting their winnings for a short period of time.

When checking the selection of casino games offered on the site, it is possible to find a wide variety of them that include bonus rounds with free spins. The main advantage of in-game deals is that they do not have any extra requirements.


Why Do Casinos Give Away Free Spins?

unibet-casino-free-spins3Free spins are part of a casino’s marketing strategy to attract new players to the site. Letting them play for free is the best way to help them become familiar with the platform and the different games. For gamblers, on the other hand, it is a risk-free environment in which to learn the rules and mechanisms of some of the slots offered on the site.

Can Free Spins Be Used in Any Slot Game?

In most cases, free spins come with restrictions that specify the games the offer is valid for. Welcome bonuses of this kind are often part of an agreement between the operator and software providers, who are interested in promoting a new title to a vast userbase.

Is It Possible to Combine Free Spins With Another Kind of Bonus?

As long as the promotion’s terms and conditions do not forbid it explicitly, a player can claim different welcome bonuses for different sections of the casino. For example, a newly registered user can get free spins for casino slots and also apply for a cashback bonus for the sportsbook.